The closing is the day you’ve been waiting for: when ownership of the home officially transfers from the seller to you! Prior to the closing, the escrow agent will present you with scores of legal documents to review and sign, and you’ll be expected to pay your down payment and closing costs. In addition, a number of other legal procedures must be completed before the sale can close, including approving the mortgage application, clearing the title, appraising the property, and recording the deed.

What is escrow?

Simply put, escrow is the handling of the contract by a neutral party which will ensure that the terms of the contract are met by both sides and all monies will be disbursed by them upon satisfactory fulfillment of the contract by both parties.

What happens during the escrow period?  Below is an overview of what to expect during the escrow process.


Immediately after signing contract:

  1. Finalize your lender selection for your mortgage, review Good Faith Estimate
  2. Prepare your cash to close
  3. Order a home inspection
  4. Begin to work with the title company
  5. Lender will order the appraisal

Approximately 3 weeks prior to closing:

  1. Lender will send their title work to the title company
  2. Title and related searches will be completed and we will review

Approximately 2 weeks prior to closing:

  1. Survey will be ordered and we will review
  2. Get quotes for home owners insurance
  3. Select and schedule your movers
  4. Select home warranty company if desired
  5. Work with About the Buyer concierge team to set up utilities, etc. for your new home

Approximately 1 week prior to closing:

  1. Schedule walk through
  2. Obtain wire instructions from title company for final cash to close

What to bring to closing:

  1. Wire confirmation of your transfer
  2. 2 government issued photo IDs
  3. Certifi cate of Approval if applicable
  4. Home Owners Declaration page, if applicable
  5. Any required documents by title company and/or your lender