Why sell my home?

No matter what time of year it is, it seems that there is no shortage of properties on the market. Are you wondering why there is always so much competition when it comes to selling a house? After all, moving into a house is a big step, and for most people this is meant to be a long-term purchase.
Yet, there are many different circumstances that could lead to you wishing to sell your home. If you have decided to take this leap, you’ll want to have a qualified Realtor on your side to assist you.

Some of the following circumstances may be reasons why you would decide it’s time to sell your house:

A Property Upgrade

  • One of the primary reasons for selling a property is because you are on the hunt for something bigger and better. If you have a growing family, for example, your current two bedroom bungalow may be too small. This could lead to the need to find something with more space. In addition to a growing family, an increase in income due to a promotion or a change in career could also allow you to make an upgrade into a new price bracket of property.

A Property Downgrade

  • On the other hand, some people will wish to sell their property to move into something smaller. This is common among empty-nesters, or older couples whose children have moved out of the home. They no longer need all of the space and can sell their larger home for something smaller, more cozy, and more affordable.

Change in Job

  • Changes in career can be a major reason to move. If you are offered a job in a different location and don’t want to face a long commute, the best option may be to sell your house. You can find something more local to your new job and save the money on petrol.

Change in Relationship Status

  • Getting married is one reason for a couple to seek a larger home, in anticipation of possibly building a family and a full life together. Yet on the other hand a divorce is one good reason to sell the old house and all of the bad memories associated with it.

Change in the Neighborhood

  • Neighborhoods are often quite fluid. When you moved into a certain area, perhaps it was quiet and full of families. This can change over time, however, if noisy bars open up next door to you. You could also outgrow your neighborhood on a personal level. What’s great for students may not be ideal for older adults who wish to get away from the nightlife and find a quiet family-oriented area. You’ll want to find a neighborhood that best matches your current lifestyle. Realtors are a good source of information about neighborhoods, so you might wish to get in contact with a local agent.

Proximity to Family

  • You may wish to sell your house and move either in order to be closer to your family or further away, as the case may be. The proximity to your family can have a strong effect on your personal relationships, so this will depend on how emotionally close you are to your family.

Desire for Cash Profit

  • Some people sell their property for a simple reason: the need for cash. If the market is booming, you could sell your property for a tidy profit, particularly if you are willing to downgrade to something smaller. This is particularly true if you prepare your sale property adequately.

Renovation for Profit

  • Another way to make money off of a property is to take on home renovation as a hobby of sorts. There are many people who successfully purchase a run-down property, fix it up with renovations to improve its value, and then sell it at a profit. Before you undertaken any renovations, you will want to research the area and avoid home selling mistakes.

Health Reasons

  • As homeowners grow older, it may become difficult to climb high staircases or maintain intricate gardens. They may need a property that is more geared towards their way of life. Severe health problems could also lead to the need to move into a home with a nurse.

Avoiding Maintenance Issues

  • Although some homeowners are keen to renovate their property, others will go the opposite way. The cost of renovations can be off-putting, and with prices on the rise it can sometimes make more sense to simply put the home on the market. This can help you avoid the need to pay for repairs before selling your property.

These are just a few of the many reasons why someone might be thinking about selling a house. This depends greatly on life circumstances and financial goals. If you have decided that it’s time for you to take the plunge, you’ll want to find a Realtor to help you get started.